Intellistem Writer Box Edition

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Writing Nursing Exam Questions Aligned to National Standards Just Got Easier & Faster

Meeting accreditation standards is vital and demands attention to assessment techniques. Writing exams aligned to standards has always been a time-consuming process.

Intellistem Writer™ Box Edition was developed by nurse educators for nurse educators to solve this problem. It normally takes 45 minutes to an hour to write a good question from scratch. Using the Intellistem Writer, you will be able to write a brand new, educationally-sound, standards-aligned question in about 15 – 20 minutes that meets assessment requirements and national standards.


What’s in our black box?

The Intellistem Writer Box Edition™ includes over 800 cards organized and color coded by nursing process. Each card has a question stem on the front and the stem’s alignment to the national standards and cognitive level on the back.

Each box includes:

  • 800+ cards organized and color-coded by steps in the nursing process.
  • An instruction card with question development tips.

Each card contains:

  • A starter stem (front side), which has a modifiable client situation/scenario description.
  • The corresponding national standards alignment (back side) and include:
    • NCLEX Client Needs
    • NLN End of Program Competencies
    • AACN Essentials
    • QSEN Competencies
    • Cognitive Level – 96% of the stems are at the application level or higher.

6 Ways Intellistem Writer™ Will Benefit You

Aligns questions to national standards every time

Every question you develop will be aligned to the national standards and cognitive level as indicated on the back of the card. If you place that information on your answer key, you’ll have a running list of accreditation standards competencies. This makes it easy to demonstrate alignment to accrediting organizations.

Improves your NCLEX pass rates

The starter stems make it simple to create higher-level exam questions. More advanced questions better prepare your students to take the NCLEX exam.

Solves the commercial test bank cheating problem

Since students can find answers to questions from commercial test banks online, cheating is a huge problem. Using the Intellistem Writer Box Edition provides you a way to develop new and undiscovered questions with ease.

Saves time

Intellistem Writer Box Edition reduces the time needed to write new exams from scratch by up to 75%. You can even use these stems to revise existing questions to save more time. What could you accomplish with all the time you saved?

Reduce Exam Development Costs

Assuming a nurse-educator earns $40.00 per hour, develops 10 exams with 25 questions per year, and spends one hour developing each question (250 hours), the nurse educator could cut development time by up to 187.5 hours at value of $7500.00/year. That’s the savings for just one instructor. Think how the savings would multiply when several instructors use this system.

Simplifies question development

It’s simple to develop multiple choice or multiple select questions (all that apply) with the Intellistem Writer Box Edition. Just follow a few steps:

  1. Select a topic from your test blueprint.
  2. With the nursing process and topic in mind, select a stem from the box of cards.
  3. Review the national standard associated with the stem on the back of the card.
  4. Add a client situation or description to the stem by changing the colored text. The black text is the question or problem the student must answer or solve.
  5. Write your answer(s), believable distractors and their corresponding rationales.
  6. Record the standards and cognitive level in your answer key.
  7. Record the card ID if you want to reference the stem source later. (Optional)

Once these steps are complete, you’ll have developed a question aligned to established standards with answer(s) and believable distractors. Repeat the steps, and in no time at all, you will have created an entire exam. Because you’ve documented standards alignment, you’ll be in good shape for your next accreditation visit.