Writing Exam Items (Online)


This is a 3-hour online workshop covering the fundamentals of writing effective course exam items. Topics include test blueprints, Bloom’s taxonomy and aligning test questions to national standards. Workshop enrollment limited to 6 attendees.


Upon completion of this workshop, the attendee will be able to:

  • verbalize the rules of item development.
  • discuss the levels of Bloom’s taxonomy used when developing test items.
  • outline how course objectives and test blueprints are used for test development.
  • distinguish how testing and curriculum standards are used when building a test.
  • discuss how the use of innovative technology can provide a means to align test items to program outcomes and objectives, NCLEX Client Needs, and national standards such as AACN Essentials and QSEN and NLN End of Program Competencies

These services are provided through our sister company Health Careers Education Consulting.

This product is available only to nursing schools or nurse educators.