Developing an Effective Nurse Education Curriculum

Free 1/2 Hour Consultation

A good course curriculum is key to the success of any nursing program. We can assist your organization’s staff in creating or revamping it’s courses for successful outcomes.  Order this free initial consultation to find out more about our nurse education curriculum development services.


We can provide expert assistance to your program on how to create, manage and evaluate a successful nurse education curriculum.   Consulting can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization on either a short or long term basis.

Assistance is available on the following topics:

Instructional Strategies for Teaching Health Care Education

Student Centered Learning

Self–Paced Instructional Strategies in Health Care Education Programs

Curriculum Customization

Providing support for customization of curriculum is a service we deliver. Helping new faculty to write lesson plans and exams can relieve some of the stress and anxiety often felt during the first few months of teaching. Not only can we offer mentoring for new faculty, we can help faculty prepare classroom management activities.

Standardizing curriculum across multiple campuses often is difficult. We can customize faculty materials and instructor guides that will support the faculty to manage the classroom and clinical activities, resulting in greater student and faculty success.

These services are provided through our sister company Health Careers Education Consulting.

This product is available only to nursing schools or nurse educators.