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Our Story

How We’re Solving One of Nurse Education’s Biggest Challenges

Our company started like most companies – our founder Ruth Eckenstein, RN, B.S., BSN, M.Ed, and MSN, saw a problem that needed to be solved and decided to take action.

Ruth worked in nursing education for over 35 years and saw great nurse educators struggle with writing exam questions. It takes dedication, time and skill to write a question that is at a higher cognitive level and aligned to national standards.

Ruth wanted to solve this problem by helping nurse educators write better exam questions faster.

"As nurses that’s what we do... solve problems.

~ Ruth Eckenstein
RN, B.S., BSN,  M.Ed, and MSN

Ruth Eckenstein, CEO & Founder, Intellistem

Since writing exams are tedious and time-consuming, she decided there had to be an easier way to design exams questions. Knowing that parts of questions can be used over and over again, she discovered a way to recycle stems and create new questions every time.

Ruth developed over 800 reusable stems that feature client descriptions that can be modified repeatedly. By using pre-established stems, questions can be developed rapidly. With the new system, it takes about a quarter of the time to develop a question from scratch as that of traditional exam development.

She didn’t stop at creating reusable stems. She took it a few steps further by aligning each stem with the cognitive level, nursing process and national standards, including NCLEX client needs, NLN End of Program competencies, AACN essentials, and QSEN competencies.

With the use of Intellistem Writer Box Edition, exam questions that align to national standards can be written in minutes.

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