Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to develop multiple choice or multiple select (all that apply) questions with this product. Just follow these steps:

Steps for Question Development on Development Process

  1. Select a topic from your test blueprint.
  2. Select a stem from the set of cards by keeping in mind the nursing process and the topic being tested.
  3. Review the card to determine the national standard associated with the stem.
  4. Add a client situation or description to the stem by changing the colored text. The text in black colored ink is the question of problem to be solved.
  5. Write your answer(s), believable distractors and their corresponding rationales.
  6. Record the standards and cognitive level in your answer key.
  7. Record the “Card ID” if you want to reference the stem source later. (Optional)

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll have a complete question aligned to national standards with answers and distractors.

It’s best to keep them in order. Each card has a number starting with the prefix of the nursing process in which you are working. The numbering is in place in case there is ever a need for us to send you a replacement card due to typographical error or a new card with a new stem. Keeping them in order makes it faster to locate the card to be replaced. If you noted the number on your exams, you can easily refer to it to review the national standard alignment.

Yes, the stems can be used for any of these nursing programs. There are tips on some of the cards that give ideas on how to modify the stem to ensure the LPN/LVN role is appropriate. Ninety-six percent are written at or above application cognitive level with over half of them at the 4-6 cognitive level.

Yes, it makes writing questions easier and faster for both. Writing exam questions often is time consuming for new instructors because they lack a grasp of cognitive levels and national standards. Now by using the product, they’ll be learning by example to build sound questions. Use of the system will boost their confidence and reduce the feeling of struggling when writing exams.

Yes, revision exams can be difficult when trying to find new ways of writing exam questions. The system will allow you to get new ideas and modify stems by using the cards.

No, this product may not be used to generate test banks for sale or redistribution to others nor by consultants writing questions for clients. If you wish to use it for this purpose, contact us about obtaining a commercial use license.