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When you utilize the power of Intellistem Writer to create nursing education exam questions, you can devote more time to your students knowing that your questions are effective, educationally sound and meet both the appropriate cognitive level and national accreditation requirements.

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Our Mission

We are committed to equipping nurse educators with a resource for increasing efficiency and ensuring cognitive standards, one exam question at a time.

Why Intellistem Writer is Great

  • Saves you time

  • Simplifies question development

  • Reduces exam cost

  • Aligns with national standards

  • Strives to Improve NCLEX Pass Rates

  • Illuminates publisher test bank cheating

I don't know of anything like Intellistem Writer on the market. The product leads you through each step of writing a question. Instructors who are spending hours writing questions will really like this product!

- LaDonna Selvidge

Practical Nursing Coordinator, Francis Tuttle Technology Center

The Intellistem Writer may have just solved the cheating problem due to leaked test banks.

- Linda Sperling, DHA, MSN, RN

Regional Dean - DON at Large Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.

The Intellistem Writer provides a method to the madness and simplifies the process. Test development doesn't have to be as hard as we've made it. This helps us get away from standard online test banks.

- Jaime Greer

Practical Nursing Instructor at Northeast Technology Center

The Intellistem Writer maps out the NCLEX test plan, nursing process and cognitive levels, which will meet accreditation and provide more consistency in test questions across nursing programs.

- Teresa Colby

Practical Nursing Instructor at Northeast Technology Center